To interact with our platform, it is essential to have a decentralized wallet. We recommend the use of MetaMask extension or mobile app, which is a popular and trusted wallet provider in the blockchain ecosystem.

To install MetaMask, please visit their official website ( and follow the instructions provided. Once you have installed MetaMask, you will need to import the Remote Procedure Call (RPC) of the blockchain network that you wish to use, we support zkSync.

To import the correct RPC, we suggest using, which is a trusted source for finding and selecting the appropriate RPC for your chosen blockchain. You can read the tutorial here:

pageImporting RPC

Once you have imported the RPC, you will be able to interact with the dApps on our platform and manage your assets securely within your decentralized wallet to use our decentralized application. If you don't have funds on your desired blockchain then you can read guide to bridge tokens here:

pageBridge Tokens to use our dapp

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