Staking Pools

At, we offer a unique approach to staking pool APYs that prioritizes stability and sustainability.

Our strategy combines revenue reinvestment and transparent governance mechanisms to provide users with a reliable and consistent return on their investments. By investing in our staking pools, users not only earn a steady income stream, but also actively participate in the growth and development of the entire ecosystem. We believe that this approach creates a win-win scenario for both our users and the overall health of the protocol. In the highly competitive world of DeFi, staking pools have become a popular way for investors to earn APYs by locking up their tokens in exchange for rewards. However, many DeFi projects simply mint tokens to offer APYs, leading to a high degree of volatility and uncertainty in the market. At, we are different.

Our staking pool APYs are based on two key factors, which we believe offer a more stable and sustainable return for our users.

The first factor

This determines our staking pool APYs is the quantity of tokens bought using revenue.

We believe that the best way to offer a stable return for our users is to invest our revenue back into the ecosystem, by buying tokens from the market and staking them in our pools. This not only provides a more stable source of income for our users, but also helps to support the long-term growth and development of the ecosystem as a whole.

The second factor

This determines our staking pool APYs is the percentage of revenue decided by the DAO to distribute returns in stable coins.

Our DAO is composed of stakeholders who hold governance tokens, and are responsible for making key decisions about the direction and operation of the staking pool. This includes decisions about how to distribute returns to users, and how much of our revenue should be reinvested back into the ecosystem. By leveraging a transparent and democratic governance mechanism, we are able to ensure that our staking pool APYs are fair and sustainable, while also providing a high degree of flexibility and adaptability to changing market conditions.

Our users can be confident that their investments are being managed in a responsible and ethical manner, with a focus on long-term value creation rather than short-term gains.

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