Welcome to zkSync id Launchpad, where you can experience the world’s first launchpad with a fully on-chain referral system. This is a groundbreaking innovation that no one else has achieved before. All the other web3 dapps use centralised databases to store referral data off-chain, but we are different. We are 100% on-chain and transparent.

Our protocol is built with the intention of giving back to our community as much as possible from our launchpad revenue using this mechanism. You can also enjoy investing in a variety of vetted projects on the zkSync era blockchain.

Our launchpad can host up to four rounds of sales for each project, depending on your eligibility. The rounds are reserved for:

  • Decentralised id holders (#1 priority in every sale)

  • ZKID token holders

  • Whitelisted users

  • First-come, first-served users

Referral system mechanism:

The referral allocation is 3% percentage of the investment pool that is distributed to the referrers and the referred users based on their investment on each sale.

The distribution ratio is as follows:

  • Referrer: 80%

  • Referred user: 20%


  • User A invests $1000 by using referral code of user B

  • Now 3% of this $1000 will go to referral pool

  • User B (Referrer) will be able to claim 80% of this 3%

  • User A (Referred user) will be able to claim 20% of it.


$1000 is total investment from a referred user

Total investment - 97% = Referral reward allocation amount (3%)


Total referral reward allocation amount - 20% = Reward earned by referrer

Remaining 20% is for referred user

The referral system is fully on-chain and transparent.

All the data, including the referral code generation, is stored on the blockchain and can be accessed through contract calls. This is similar to the discount code system, except that the discount codes are only generated by the developers, while the referral codes can be generated by anyone.

The benefits of this system are:

  • No token inflation due to unnecessary rewards

  • Effective protocol growth by sharing a large portion of the revenue with the community

To participate in the referral system, you need to do the following steps:

  • Generate your own referral code by calling the generate referral code function on the contract from front-end

  • Share your referral code with other users who are interested in joining the sale

  • When a user joins the sale using your referral code, they will get a 20% bonus on their investment and you will get an 80% commission from the referral allocation

  • You can check your referral balance and leaderboard from dashboard and claim your rewards by calling the claim functions on the contract from front-end button

First Sale:

We are starting with a fundraising sale for the zkSync id token. This sale would be divided into three rounds and tokenomics has 0% allocation for the team.

  • First round will be reserved for decentralised id holders at a price of 0.000012 ETH per token

  • Second round will be for whitelisted users at a price of 0.000015 ETH per token

  • Third round would focus be FCFS at a price of 0.00002 ETH per token

Read full tokenomics at


Liquidity Management

We have onboarded Gotbit, one of the best market maker in the industry to manage liquidity for ZKID tokens. It is a hedge fund having $180M+ AUM and 120+ projects listed on tier-1 exchanges This will help us to manage a consistent volume and give proper depth for the traders to trade ZKID token.

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