Token Utilities and Usecases

The ZKID token is the nucleus of the entire zkSync ID ecosystem. Here are some of the ways it is used:

  1. It will be used to give real-yield from platform’s revenue to the users. This means users holding zkSync ID token will be able to earn a part of our platform’s revenue every month.

  2. These tokens will give users the right to vote and projects can create a new DAO for their community using it.

  3. Users holding tokens will get priority in future launchpad sales availing early round investment opportunities.

  4. We are using ZKID tokens to reward the most active community members via Zealy. 1 XP point = 1 token and these tokens are not minted rather we buy them every month from the open market.

  5. Utilities such as marketplaces and few other undisclosed ones will have ZKID tokens as a major part of it further boosting on-chain transactions. We launched our first utility on July 16th at 16:16 UTC. Our second utility is currently under development and we are tentatively planning to release it around the end of August.

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