Decentralized id

Our platform provides decentralized identity solutions that are integrated with zero-knowledge rollup protocol zkSync. The main objective of is to offer a user-friendly mapping of wallet addresses to human-readable formats, by leveraging a sophisticated set of machine-readable identifiers.

Decentralized identity solutions allow users to create and control their digital identities in a decentralized manner, without relying on a central authority or intermediary. This is achieved by storing identity information on a blockchain network, which provides a tamper-proof and transparent ledger.

Zero-knowledge rollup is a type of Layer 2 scaling solution that improve the scalability and efficiency of blockchain networks by batching transactions and minimizing data storage.

By leveraging these advanced technologies, is able to offer a highly secure and efficient decentralized identity solution.

This solution enables users to seamlessly interact with blockchain-based applications without compromising their privacy or security. the human-readable format of wallet addresses enhances the usability and accessibility of blockchain networks, promoting wider adoption and integration of these technologies.

Decentralised id minting price:

3 to 5 characters for 0.04 ETH 6 to 9 characters for 0.03 ETH 9 to 12 characters for 0.02 ETH

  • This might change based on demand after marketplace launch.

  • Users can use on-chain discount code to get discount. It is available on our discord server.

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