In the world of Web3 and blockchain, decentralized digital identity and secure login systems are essential to ensure the integrity of digital transactions.

At zkSync id, we aim to provide a decentralized digital identity and login system that utilizes the benefits of zk rollup to provide secure, scalable, and efficient transactions.

zkSync id platform supports zkSync era. With our in-house marketplace, users can trade unique collectible IDs, adding a new level of value to their digital identities.

By leveraging the power of ZK rollups, we ensure fast and secure transactions while reducing the computational requirements of the Ethereum network. This enables us to provide users with a seamless and efficient digital experience, with the added benefits of decentralization and transparency.

We believe that decentralized identity and login systems will play a critical role in the evolution of Web3, and we are excited to be at the forefront of this movement.

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